The Usual Political Issues in Every Country

It is not any secret, politics is quite hard and specific for every country & case, but it is also true that there are some popular political issues that are common in every country despite its location, culture, mentality, religion, and lifestyle.

With so many differences between countries, their culture and citizens, it is really impossible to create the same rule that will fit for all or a way to fix all issues, but the good news is that there are some issues that are wildly common in nearly all countries and territories. By understanding each of those issues we can find a good solution that will help all countries to find a golden point, to find an acceptable and suitable solution.

Every single person should be able to show his or her choice and make their decisions freely, take part in discussions. For this reason, there is a list of some political issues that are common in all countries and the subject of debates. Now let’s get to exactly what are the most common issues in every country and what each side is thinking.

List of common & unsolved issues in every country

While there are dozens of issues discussed in most countries, we should go through only the most important and common ones as a discussion about each of them is nearly impossible due to their high amount…

Women rights

One of the hottest topics for today is women rights and many politics are highly influenced by it. As women were limited in rights for centuries and they couldn’t show their skills and abilities, we got the world where more men are in key positions than women. Usually, even in today’s world, parliaments and governments are mostly filled by males and that’s the subject of critics from feminists who are looking to give as much freedom and rights to women as possible.

Also, in some Asian and Muslim countries women are still quite limited and not equal to men, politicians in the whole world have the trouble of balancing men and women’s rights and this creates many problems in all countries.

Migration and migrant rights

Another hot and hard topic for the whole world is people’s migration and their life.

Many countries are suffering from outgoing migrations while many countries are also suffering from incoming migration and all of that creates a lot of problems & issues for both group of countries.
Rights of migrants are whole another source of problems for politicians as they have to balance the rights of citizens and migrants so none of them will feel disrespected and limited.

Some people are eager to give migrants full rights in all countries, same rights as original citizens have but the problem is that there are also many people who feel that having no advantage in your own country is a disrespectful act to the government. To find a golden spot so all people can feel free, respected and happy is one of the biggest challenges of modern politics.

Religion and Culture

One more hard to solve the issue, one more hot subject of debates is still related to freedom and human rights.
A lot of people are arguing whenever one’s religion should be able to marry another religion’s person, whenever religion and cultural differences are big barriers for different people to live peacefully together – we had a lot of wars in the past due to religion & culture and there are still many conflicts regarding it.

Some people even think that different culture and religion in countries can’t be good partners and such people have many conflicts with one another for these reasons. It is politicians’ top task to create a world where people can live peacefully, friendly regardless of their differences.

Rules about Drugs and Narcotics

For the last decades, one of the fastest rising issues is rights and rules of controls regarding narcotics, weed, and drugs. While all of such materials were strictly prohibited in old times they started to become legal nowadays and there are many people who are happy about it and some who are against it.

Some people believe that every human should be 100% free in all actions, even if it means harming yourself and using any or all types of narcotics, while some people believe that there are still limitations humanity needs to follow if we want to exist.

It is a hard task for all politicians around the world to find a right answer and solution, suitable for everyone and everything, but one thing for sure – this subject is crawling up its place in the list of popular political issues and is becoming more and more popular every day.

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